Why You Should Adopt Two Kittens

More doesn’t always equal better, but it sure does when it comes to cat adoption!

Here’s the deal: if you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, you need to adopt two. Keeping kittens as pairs is beneficial not only for them, but for your own sanity as well.

Don’t have you convinced yet? Here are four reasons why you should adopt two kittens:

Why You Should Adopt Two Kittens:

  1. They love each other.
  2. They entertain each other.
  3. They learn together.
  4. They play together.

They love each other.

Let’s start with the obvious – having a friend for your cat means that they will get invaluable attention that you simply can’t provide. Kittens who grow up with a litter mate or other bonded pair are likely to look out for one another and become best buddies. Who wouldn’t want that for their furbaby?

A Brief Paws: Okay, sure, some cats just fundamentally might not get along, but this is often for reasons that can be dealt with like separating food bowls or providing multiple litter boxes or beds throughout your home for each individual.

They entertain each other.

I can’t tell you how many times my cats have kept each other out of trouble. Belle and Rainbow entertain each other throughout the day, oftentimes distracting the other from doing something damaging like clawing at the couch or trying to jump onto the top of a bookshelf. This mental and physical stimulation tires them out, and for the most part, keeps their daily routine on schedule.

They learn together.

A cat learns how to be a cat by being around other cats. It’s simple. They learn their limits like how hard they can bite before it hurts, when and when not to use their claws, and how often to bathe. They become little panthers side by side and grow with confidence each day, making a more fulfilling life for your entire family.

They play together.

In addition to loving, entertaining, and learning, the most important thing that adopting two cats does is provide your companions with friends of their own. Face it, you probably can’t be with your cat every moment of every day. But they can be with each other! By adopting a pair, you give them the gift of an enriched life where they will always have a buddy to play with, instead of a boring existence all alone. This does wonders for a cat’s development and overall happiness.

Like all good things, there is a limit. Don’t go wild and adopt the entire animal shelter. While I completely understand wanting to help ALL OF THE CATS, you’re not helping anyone if you can’t properly care for and love each as an individual. Know your boundaries, and find other ways to help after your home is full, like volunteering.

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