Creative Ways to Help Shelter Cats

We’ve all cried during the ASPCA “in the arms of an angel” commercial.  But after the song has stopped, how many of us have actually taken steps to help shelter pets?  Let’s make it more of us, with these creative ways to help the cats in your local shelter.  How to Help Shelter Cats Make... Continue Reading →

My Adoption Story: Belle & Rainbow

Adding a member to the family is always exciting—and adding two is out of this world amazing! That’s right, today we’re sharing how Belle and Rainbow were adopted! My buddies!  Searching for Adoptable Kittens Back in October of 2019, our family was going through the hardest time of our lives. After a long three month... Continue Reading →

Evidence that Dexter Morgan is a Cat Person

Of any show on tv, it’s no secret that Dexter has caused a slew of controversial opinions over the years.  Maybe you still can’t get over what happened to Rita.  Maybe you thought the finale of Dexter New Blood redeemed the confusion of season eight.  Maybe you’re frustrated with how our favorite anti-hero’s story ended... Continue Reading →

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