Yes or No: Should I Let My Cat Outside?

“Cats are wild animals! They need to be let outside!” How many times have you heard that argument? If you’re like me, more than you can count.  But here’s the thing: The cats who live in our homes as companion pets are domesticated animals. This means that they don’t necessarily need to go outside. In... Continue Reading →

I Found a Kitten…Now What?

Summer is here—and so is kitten season. While kitten season may sound like the cutest time of the year, the truth is that it’s really a hard couple of months where countless homeless kittens are born into less-than-ideal conditions.  During the spring, summer, and even beginning of fall, your local community cats are probably having... Continue Reading →

How to Celebrate Your Cat’s Gotcha Day

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating a pet’s milestones. From your kitten’s baby teeth falling out to the first month they go without a litter box accident, every moment should be recognized.  As a cat guardian, one of the ultimate celebrations to look forward to each year is your cat’s gotcha day.  What is a... Continue Reading →

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