My Adoption Story: Belle & Rainbow

Adding a member to the family is always exciting—and adding two is out of this world amazing!

That’s right, today we’re sharing how Belle and Rainbow were adopted!

Girl holding cats in gray hoodie

My buddies! 

Searching for Adoptable Kittens

Back in October of 2019, our family was going through the hardest time of our lives. After a long three month battle, countless medications, and too many stressful vet visits, we had to say goodbye to my best friend of 15 years, Snickers. 

Beautiful tortoiseshell cat

We knew that the day was coming—which didn’t make it any easier—but it did prepare us for what to expect next. 

Adopting a pair of kittens!

As a family, we have always had a cat in our house. It was no question that we would adopt again when the sad day came and Snickers wasn’t with us anymore. 

And we knew that we wanted to adopt two kittens. 

So in the midst of our sadness, we turned to searching for adoptable kittens in our area. It was the only thing that made sense. We had a home that needed to be filled with cats to love!

Luckily, many shelters in our area have extensive adoption profiles online, and we were able to take a look at kittens needing homes. 

I scrolled and scrolled, and my heart ached, wanting to give a home to every kitten, adult cat, and senior cat I saw. 

And then I saw her. 

Her name was Cocoa at Great Plains SPCA, and this was the text I sent immediately to my dad. 

Text message about kitten adoption

I was VERY serious. 

Adoption Day – Littermates and Soulmates

The next day, I drove all the way across town to meet Cocoa and the other kittens at the animal shelter. 

Don’t get me wrong—we were open to adopting anyone at the shelter. We wanted to meet everyone there because we knew that just because a cat was cute, it didn’t mean she would be the right fit for our home or we would be the right fit for her. 

With an open mind and empty cat carrier, we walked inside. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I played with every cat in the shelter that day. We were there for hours. 

But something kept bringing me back to that sweet little Cocoa in the kitten room. 

She was a tiny furball, batting around toys and chasing some of the other more rambunctious kittens. She purred and nuzzled when we held her, and we just knew that she was ours. 

Cute cat in target home decor basket

Now for a sibling. 

Littermates or a bonded pair were essentials to us. We’ve heard all about the importance of having two cats, and knew that it was the right choice. So we started searching around the kitten room for Cocoa’s buddy. 

Hiding in a bed in the very far corner of the space was a tiny, frail gray kitten. I picked her up, and with a sweet meow, we knew we’d found Cocoa’s friend for life. 


What a name. 

Russian blue cat kitten on star blanket

Bringing Home Our Kittens

Two gray kittens

It was a long drive home that day, but an exciting one. The kittens were exhausted from the excitement and slept almost the entire way. That is, until the rain that had been looming for hours finally cleared, and a rainbow appeared across the highway toward home. 

Nosie, the tiny gray girl, instantly perked up and meowed at the top of her lungs. She had picked her name. Rainbow. 

Gray kitten in pink collapsible hut

It was a fitting reminder of the sky above, the Rainbow Bridge where my Snickers was waiting, and a nod to the strong independent woman named Rainbow Johnson who was the star of our recent binge watch of blackish. 

Cocoa’s name took a little longer to figure out. But after a couple of days of playing, snuggling, and settling in at home, we finally landed on Belle. A favorite Disney character, and a nice tie in with her sister’s name. 

Belle. Rainbow. 

Beautiful. Rainbow. 

Dilute calico kitten in white cat hammock

The two of them became an instant part of our family. They’re best friends and partners in crime. 

Most importantly, they’re loved very, very much!

Stay up-to-date with Rainbow and Belle on Instagram!

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