How to Celebrate Your Cat’s Gotcha Day

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating a pet’s milestones. From your kitten’s baby teeth falling out to the first month they go without a litter box accident, every moment should be recognized.  As a cat guardian, one of the ultimate celebrations to look forward to each year is your cat’s gotcha day.  What is a... Continue Reading →

Pick Me! How to Find a Cat to Adopt

The most exciting days of our lives are when we adopt a new cat into our families! Whether a young kitten or an experienced senior cat, bringing a new feline friend into our homes is a big deal.  But it can also be overwhelming. With so many cats available for adoption, how do you know... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

As a cat purrson, there’s no doubt you love your kitty. You spend hours each day thinking about, being around, and interacting with them. If you're like me, there’s rarely a moment you aren’t together! But even with all of that quality time you’re spending with your cat, are you letting them know just how... Continue Reading →

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