5 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

As a cat purrson, there’s no doubt you love your kitty. You spend hours each day thinking about, being around, and interacting with them. If you're like me, there’s rarely a moment you aren’t together! But even with all of that quality time you’re spending with your cat, are you letting them know just how... Continue Reading →

10 Pawsome Cat Birthday Party Ideas

As a cat guardian, there’s a good chance you have two special days marked on your calendar: Your cat’s gotcha day.  Your cat’s birthday.  Even if you’re like me and had to guess which day your rescued cat was born, having a day to celebrate them is important!  Make your kitty’s next birthday their best... Continue Reading →

How Fostering Helps Cats

Everyone knows the importance of adopting, but not everyone is in the loop when it comes to how vital fostering is for helping shelter pets.  Today, I want to welcome more people into the club known as cat fostering. Everyone can join, so let’s get into it! What is fostering? Fostering cats is the act... Continue Reading →

Summer Safety for Cats

Ahh, summer. The time for bird watching and belly rubs in the sun—if you’re a cat, that is. But along with all of that goodness, the hotter months of the year are also a time for pant-inducing heatwaves, which is why it is so important to keep our cats safe during the summer.  It’s typical... Continue Reading →

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