Here’s the Scoop: Litter-Robot 3 Connect Full & Honest Review

If you’re a cat guardian, you’ve probably heard of Litter-Robot. Operated by Whisker, Litter-Robot offers a line of automatic self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. 

Never having to scoop the litter box sounds like a dream come true, but are these luxury cat supplies worth the hype?

Let’s talk about it. 

Why I Bought a Litter-Robot

I’ve had cats in my family for my entire life, and their litter boxes have always been kept away in rooms where we didn’t spend much time to avoid any unpleasant smells and sights. 

But when we adopted Rainbow and Belle, that changed. Part of introducing them to our home was setting up their base camp in my bedroom before letting them explore the rest of the house. That meant everything they needed had to be in my space. Food, water, toys, and litter boxes. 

Having an open litter box next to my bed wasn’t ideal, so we started researching options. 

Enter, the Litter-Robot. 

I’d read great reviews about the Litter-Robot online, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s definitely an investment, but we opted to get the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. It’s WiFi enabled and connects to an app that allows you to operate it from your phone. You even get messages that let you know when your cat has used it. (There’s nothing quite like being in a work meeting and seeing “Clean Cycle Complete” pop up!)

Needless to say, we loved it. 

After a few months of learning how to use the Litter-Robot and getting the cats comfortable with it, we actually ended up buying a second to replace another litter box in our house! 

We’ve had a couple of ongoing issues with them, but overall, we truly find a ton of value and convenience in the product. 

Pros of the Litter-Robot 

Adjustable Cleaning Times

The Litter-Robot app will let you choose how many minutes it waits between when your cat goes to the bathroom and it performs a clean cycle. You can experiment with what works best for you, but I’ve found that setting the timer to 15 minutes gives the waste time to set up and cuts down on the smears left behind. Yuck. 

Bluetooth Capabilities

Being able to manually trigger a clean cycle or even turn off the Litter-Robot from the app has been life changing. No one wants to touch a dirty litter box, so it’s great to be able to perform every function—with the exception of actually changing the waste drawer—from my phone. 

Hidden Waste Drawer

When the Litter-Robot cycles, it shifts the litter and drops any waste into a drawer that is hidden below. This means no more looking at your cat’s waste or having to smell it so strongly for hours on end. 

Cons of the Litter-Robot

Night Settings are Inconvenient

The Connect 3 offers a night setting within the app that keeps the Robot from cycling for certain hours while you’re sleeping. While a cool thought, it doesn’t always work out that well and doesn’t line up with realistic, changing sleep times. Plus, the Robot will automatically cycle when it decides to wake back up—whether you’re awake or not. 

Interior is Small

If you have a larger cat, I wouldn’t recommend getting this litter box. The actual litter interior is really small for most cats. Both of my cats are average sized, but have to lean against the top and edges to fit. It’s pretty gross, honestly, to think that they’re rubbing where all of their pee and poop touched to go down the hole to the waste drawer when the Litter-Robot turned to complete past clean cycles. 


While the odor would ideally get trapped away when the Litter-Robot cycles, that is rarely the case. And when you haven’t emptied the waste drawer in a day or two, all of that compounding stench can waft out and fill the room. You can empty the drawer more frequently than the company suggests to cut down on this, but that ends up being very inconvenient. 

Other Problems I’ve Had with My Litter Robot

Cat Sensor Timing Faults

Belle loves to go for a ride in the Litter-Robot while it cycles. She’ll actually get all of the way in as it spins! The problem is, the litter box is supposed to have a sensor that feels her get inside, and stop turning. It rarely does that. This safety feature, for the most part, never works as it should. 

Stairs Don’t Stay in Place

When you buy a Litter-Robot, you can add on additional accessories like the stairs. We purchased them for our first one to help the girls out, but the stairs easily move and never even attach in the first place. For our second purchase, we opted to not get the stairs. 

Overall Litter-Robot 3 Connect Rating

Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The litter box has its problems, but the good does outweigh the bad! Before you buy a Litter-Robot, be mindful that it won’t be as pristine and perfect as the commercials show—but it will be a great added convenience for your home!

Where to Buy a Litter-Robot

Ready to buy a Litter-Robot for your cats? You can find more details and make your purchase on the Litter-Robot website.

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