6 Cat Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram

You’ve gotta be kitten yourself if you say you don’t spend a significant amount of time each day watching cats on the internet. 

We all do it. Embrace it. 

There’s nothing more fun than watching cat videos and learning more about our feline friends. 

That’s why I’m sharing six of my favorite cat-related Instagram accounts that you need to be following. Each is unique, but all are pawsitively amazing. 

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Follow Nikki

Nikki was the first fostering account that I followed on Instagram, and one of the absolute best. Whether she’s going on TNR adventures with Foster Papi or having poop parties on Instagram Live, her posts are always a treat. Plus, she does great work for her local rescues. 

Honey @princesshoneybelle

Follow Honey

Mixy mix! Honey has to be the sweetest cat on the internet. Her baking Reels are incredibly cute and always put a smile on my face!

Jackson Galaxy @thecatdaddy

Follow Jackson

The one and only cat daddy is a must-follow online. Jackson’s tips will help you learn more about communicating with your kitty and what it means to have cat mojo. 

Wendy @foster_furbabies

Follow Wendy

Another fostering favorite of mine is Foster Furbabies! Wendy does an incredible job caring for her kittens—she will even play Disney movies for them! How awesome?! And her resident cats Zooby, Bud, and Sprout are a ton of fun to watch grow up. 

Nathan @nathanthecatlady

Follow Nathan

Nathan is one of the funniest cat people online. Paws down. He and his crew of kitties make hilarious videos that all of us cat people can relate to. Make sure you stick around while he feeds the chickens, too. If you know, you know. 

Pawsitive Purrpose @pawsitivepurrpose

Follow Us

You didn’t think I’d go this whole article without mentioning our Instagram, did you? Check us out for all things cute-cat and crochet related. That’s right—all of the blankets I make are donated to senior shelter cats! Rainbow and Belle help out, too!

Who are some of your favorite cat accounts to follow online? Leave their links in the comments below!

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