Should I Brush My Cat?

Plenty of people brush their dogs, but what about their cats? While less popular, cats definitely should be brushed on a regular basis (I’m talking multiple times a week, not year).

Brushing your cat has a whole bunch of benefits, including:

Your cat will be more comfortable.

Brushing your cat not only prevents painful mats and knots in his or her hair, but it also keeps them cooler during hot summer months. Plus, brushing your cat can help work out any lingering dirt (like dried wet food) that was missed during his or her last bathing session.

Your cat will have fewer hair balls.

By brushing your cat, you’ll help remove a majority of his or her loose hair. This will cut down on hair balls significantly for your kitty, keeping him or her looking and feeling great!

Your home will be cleaner.

Enough said. But honestly, if you brush your cat, there will be a lot less hair left lying around on your bed, couch, clothes…you get the idea.

Your cat will be happier.

Seriously. It may take a few times for your cat to get used to the brush, but eventually, he or she will learn that brushing can be a comforting experience. Every morning after I pick up the brush, Rainbow – who normally doesn’t love much petting -, runs up to me, meowing and demanding to be brushed. Her purrs kick in instantly, and she soaks up every second of the brushing bliss.

Do your cats like to be brushed? Tell us your experience – and favorite brush (here’s our favorite brush for our cats) – in the comments below or on Instagram!

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