8 New Year’s Resolutions for Cat People

Whether you adopted a kitten or spent the year hanging out with cats you’ve loved for a decade, I think I speak for every cat person when I say our furbabies helped make 2021 great. 

So why not make 2022 better for our cats, too?

Find New Year’s resolution inspiration for changes that will paws-itively impact both you and your cat below!

New Year’s Resolutions for Cat People

1. Play with your cat.

As much as we all know that playing with our cat is a great way to bond with them and encourage them to exercise, not nearly enough people are dedicating time to do so every day. Even if it is just for ten minutes between work and dinner, grab a wand toy and get your cat excited to chase it! You’ll help stimulate their minds and body, helping them to be much happier. Don’t forget to feed them their evening meal—or a treat—when they’re done playing!

2. Catify your space.

Catification is the perfect DIY home project for the New Year—or just about any time! Make your home friendlier for your cat by adding trees, scratchers, shelves, and beds throughout it. Giving your cat areas where they can own will help boost their confidence, while keeping them off of your kitchen countertops.

3. Connect with other cat people.

Are cat people introverts because they have cats, or do they have cats because they are introverts? The world may never know. But one thing that is for certain is the goodwill and good vibes that can come from connecting with other like-minded people. I get it—I prefer being home alone with my cats to anything else, but sometimes you have to be reminded that there are other decent humans out there. Visit a local cat cafe or even sign up for a profile on Tabby. After all, the best kind of people are cat people. 

4. Take your cat to their annual vet visit.

When was the last time you took your cat to the vet? I’m guessing it was probably more than a year ago. Get your kitty’s check up scheduled now, and get a baseline for where their health stands. Annual vet visits may not be fun, but they can help you find any potential problems before they become life threatening. 

5. Brush your cat.

Give your cat a hand in the grooming department by gently brushing them each day. Not only is brushing a wonderful way for the two of you to bond, but it is also helpful in preventing painful hairballs for your furbaby. If your cat doesn’t like to be brushed, start slowly and offer them a positive reinforcement like their favorite treat. 

6. Learn more about cat behavior.

No matter how much we love cats, we still have a lot to learn when it comes to communicating with them. Your cat speaks to you through their behavior, so read up on what they could be saying. I personally love the book Total Cat Mojo by cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. You can also view a ton of videos demonstrating typical cat actions on YouTube. 

7. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

This is my favorite resolution of all, and something I hope everyone will find the time to do. Local animal shelters do so much for our cat communities. If you are able, please consider volunteering at a shelter near you. If you’re pushed for time, consider helping out in other ways. I love to donate blankets that I crochet to senior and long-term cats throughout the year to some of Kansas City’s animal shelters and rescues. 

8. Spend quality quiet time with your cat.

There’s nothing more special than time spent with a cat. In the months ahead, slow down and be present with them. Talk to them. Lay with them. Simply being near them will make both of you happier and your relationship stronger. Our time together goes by so quickly. Embrace it and appreciate it now. 

What are some cat-related things you are looking forward to doing this year? Tell me all about them—and your cats—in the comments below!

I know a lot about cats, but I’m not a veterinarian. Please don’t take any of the statements I give as medical advice and do always consult your trusted vet, especially if your cat is experiencing behavioral challenges.

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