What New Kitten Parents Need

Few things in life are more exciting than bringing home a new kitten – or two. However, before you even go to the shelter (because, let’s be honest, you’ll likely walk out of there with a new best friend), make sure you have these essentials:

Claw Scratchers
Your new kitten needs a place to sharpen her claws. Even though you should be regularly trimming them to keep the edges from curling, your new cat will still want to sharpen and stretch on a scratcher. Pick up a few different styles and sizes to provide him or her with plenty of options – and to keep them from clawing at your furniture!

Litter Boxes (PLURAL!)
Everyone knows a kitten needs a litter box, but not everyone realizes how many are truly necessary. As a general rule, you need a litter box for each cat in your home, plus one. That means if you have two cats, you’ll need three boxes. If you have three cats, get four, etc.

Enrichment Toys
It may be hard to believe, but your new kitten has a lot in common with tigers, lions, and all other big cats – oh my. This includes their instinct to hunt. Provide your new kitten with plenty of different enrichment toys (crinkle balls, pom poms, kickers, etc.) that he or she can hunt alone, as well as toys, like long pieces of fleece, that you can control and manipulate for them during shared play time.

Formulated Food
Your kitten will grow incredibly quickly, and needs the right food for it. Look for options that are high in both protein and fat to help them build healthy muscle and agility. I personally like Purina’s Pro Plan line (and so do my cats)!

A Word on Wet Food:
Not all kittens have a digestive system that can handle wet food. Even though their tastebuds might love it, wet food can be hard to digest, leading to some serious litter box issues for him or her. If you notice anything off with your kitten’s GI tract after giving wet food, switch to just dry.

Cat Furniture
Kittens love to climb, jump, and even snooze on high elevations in your home. Give them this luxury, while keeping them safe, with furniture made specifically for cats. Not only does this make your cat happy, but it will also help distract him or her from your bookcases and cabinets.

Do you have a new kitten (or two)? Tell me about them!

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