How to Have a Happy Cat

How to Have a Happy Cat

Cats have an unfair reputation.

Often seen as mean, aloof, or just flat out malicious, cats are very rarely the villains many make them out to be. In fact, when given the right environment, cats can be some of the most loving, wise animals to ever grace the lap of a human.

Here’s how to make that happen:

Stick to a Routine
Like people, your cat has a certain routine that they are used to and makes them comfortable. From following you into the bathroom each morning to being fed at noon to even napping in the late afternoon sun, your cat needs each day to remain the same in order to thrive. Many cats get anxious when any part of their routine changes – like you forgetting to feed them until a couple of hours too late or having the blinds shut when they normally like to look outside. This anxiety leads to the cat acting out and becoming upset. Keep your cat happy by sticking to your daily routine as much as possible.

Stimulate Their Inner Hunter
Your cat comes from a long line of hunters. Let’s face it – felines weren’t created just to sleep in your living room all day. That inner hunter needs to come out through ample playtime. Choose a toy that the cat can “catch and kill” like a long kicker toy or ribbons on a stick that you move around for them. By allowing them to attack through play, their energy can be better used, leaving you with a satisfied, content cat.

Give Them Space
Similar to how you enjoy your alone time, your cat does, too. Preferring to perch on elevated areas in a room, cats do best when given the option to watch the world around them and feel like they are in control. Consider getting your cat a climbing tree or even walkways mounted on your wall. These spaces give your cat the independence they need to survey their kingdom, resulting in a happy cat who chooses to be with you at their own discretion, rather than an angry cat who is forced to be near you at all times.

By creating safe, cat-friendly environments, your pet will quickly begin to relax and become a happier version of themselves. If it your cat still needs a little extra helping of happy, consider spraying a mixture of essential oils that mimic the smell of cat pheromones throughout the most anxiety-ridden areas of your home to help them calm down further.

How do you keep your cat happy?

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