Should I Brush My Cat?

Plenty of people brush their dogs, but what about their cats? While less popular, cats definitely should be brushed on a regular basis (I’m talking multiple times a week, not year). Brushing your cat has a whole bunch of benefits, including: Your cat will be more comfortable. Brushing your cat not only prevents painful mats... Continue Reading →

Holiday Cat Safety

It’s officially the Catmas season! Between all of the parties, cookies, and classic Christmas movie marathons, your regular life and responsibilities can become a blur during these weeks. However, one thing you cannot ignore during the holiday is the safety of your cats. Keep your cats safe this holiday season with these helpful tips: Wrap... Continue Reading →

What New Kitten Parents Need

Few things in life are more exciting than bringing home a new kitten - or two. However, before you even go to the shelter (because, let’s be honest, you’ll likely walk out of there with a new best friend), make sure you have these essentials: Claw ScratchersYour new kitten needs a place to sharpen her... Continue Reading →

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