Holiday Cat Safety

It’s officially the Catmas season! Between all of the parties, cookies, and classic Christmas movie marathons, your regular life and responsibilities can become a blur during these weeks. However, one thing you cannot ignore during the holiday is the safety of your cats.

Keep your cats safe this holiday season with these helpful tips:

Wrap Mindfully

I don’t know about you, but every cat I have ever known has some sort of super power that knows when there is a ribbon or string left unattended. When wrapping, be mindful of gifts that will be sitting under the tree that your cat can chew on. Consider using just paper without extra curled ribbon. The less enticing your packages are, the less of a chance you’ll spend Christmas Eve at the vet with a cat who ate something she shouldn’t have.

Check Your Plants

That poinsettia grandma brought you may look pretty, but it can also be harmful to your cat. Before leaving plants and other decorations out for your cat to explore, do a quick search to make sure it won’t make your cat sick. This goes for the entirety of the year, but can be especially important to be aware of during the holidays.

Watch for Climbers

Sure, it can be cute to catch your cat climbing the family tree, but be aware of how they behave in it. Knocking off a few plastic ornaments is harmless, but if light cords are chewed or the tree takes a few topples, it may be time to reconsider your festive set up for the safety of your cats and home. Full disclosure – I have two new crazy kittens this year, and no Christmas tree. There’s a reason for that.

Give Them Space

The holiday season can be hard to handle, even for humans. For cats, the influx of people and sounds in your home can be especially overwhelming. When this happens, make sure your cats have a space away from it all where they can be comfortable and relaxed. Make a favorite bedroom of theirs off limits for guests, and for goodness sake, if your cat doesn’t want to be petted or picked up by strangers, don’t make them. Respect them, and everyone will have a peaceful holiday.

Include Them in Traditions

Your cats are a part of the family, and should be welcomed during holiday traditions. Not only does this create precious memories you will always be able to look back on, but it also helps to keep your cats entertained. A mentally stimulated cat is a happier cat – and a cat who is less likely to jump on the kitchen counters when they are full of Christmas dinner.

Note: Each year I would bring my cat, Snickers, through a drive through Christmas display extravaganza called Christmas in the Park in Lee’s Summit, MO. This year, I carried the tradition forward with the new kittens, and they loved it! After all, bright flashing lights have a way of mesmerizing cats.

What are some of your favorite holiday memories you have shared with your cats?

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