Why You Should Feed Your Cat Wet Food


If your cats are anything like mine at all, chances are they know that sound. The sweet, sweet sound of a wet food can opening, that is.

My kittens go crazy for the stuff, and I don’t mind one bit. Why? Because wet food is incredibly beneficial for cats.

Ideal for Kidney Health

Due to its high water content, wet food is great for keeping cat kidneys healthy. When a cat only eats dry food, they run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which can lead to UTIs as well as kidney disease. Even just one can a day of wet food mixed in with a primarily dry diet can help prevent these awful ailments.

Mimics Their Natural Diet

Let’s face it – if your cat was in the wild, she wouldn’t be eating much kibble. Wet food helps closely recreate what cats would be eating in their natural habitat. Not only does this help with overall happiness, but it also promotes better overall digestion.

They Love It

I mean, you just can’t argue with this science. Most cats absolutely love the taste and textures that come from wet food. Especially if your cat tends to be picky with dry, wet food can help cure her appetite.

Do you feed your cats wet food?

Please Note: I’m no medical expert – these benefits are simply what I have read or been told in the past. To get qualified medical advice for your cat, please talk to your vet.

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