Tips for Teething Cats

This picture was taken of Belle just a few days ago – you can clearly see the adult tooth pushing the baby tooth out of the way. Only a couple hours after the photo, the baby tooth had already fallen out!

Watching your kitten grow up is not only incredibly cute, but also wildly special. As your kitten ages, you can expect to experience some unique milestones with them. One of the biggest milestones a kitten reaches is getting their adult teeth.

By around six months of age, your kitten should have all of their adult teeth. These teeth are bigger and stronger than the ones they had before, and will be the only ones they get for the rest of their lives – just like in humans. Also similar to humans, kittens who are teething require a little extra love and attention in the time leading up to this big change.

While you can’t make all of the uncomfortable pain of teething go away for your kitten, you can help them in a few ways:

Give Them Teething Toys

You’re probably already buying a ton of new cat toys for your kitten (I’m guilty of picking out something new every time I visit Amazon), so consider investing in some teething toys. Many brands have toys specifically made for teething kittens. The plastic and rubber varieties are great as they allow the kitten to chew without the risk of hurting themself.

Pick Up Your Stuff

During teething, kittens chew everything they can get their paws on – including things you don’t want them to. Keep them safe by putting away anything laying around that could hurt them if chewed. This includes electrical cords, plastic bags, etc.

Monitor Eating

It’s normal for kittens to have some discomfort while they are teething, but they should still be able to eat well. Make sure your kitten is still eating and not losing any weight during this time. If you think something is wrong, see a vet ASAP. We love GoodVets in Kansas City (they also have offices in Chicago).

Above all else, give them lots of love during this time. After all, this phase is a big reminder that your kitten won’t be a kitten forever! She or he is on the fast track to growing up. Soak up these last few months of them as a baby while you can.

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