Cat Advice for the Fourth of July

July 4th is known for many things, but in our household, it is mostly known as a nuisance. Sure, freedom is great, but neighbors with fireworks? Not so much.

The Fourth of July holiday can be an especially stressful time for pets. With fireworks crackling in the sky, a lot of animals suffer from extreme (yet completely valid) reactions. From running away to even having a heart attack, the Fourth can be devastating if you aren’t prepared as a guardian. This holiday, keep the following tips in mind for your furry friend.

Give your cat a safe place to hide.

Your cat probably won’t want to be out and about during the grand finale of fireworks, which is totally understandable. Let your cat have access to their favorite hiding spots in your house, and let them be. You can check on them from time to time, but often the best thing to do is to let the noise and stress pass.

Act like everything is normal.

Your cat will look to you to gauge the situation. If you’re calm, cool, and collected, you’ll reinforce the idea that there is nothing to be scared of. Go about your normal routine, and hopefully your cat will be able to, as well.

Provide plenty of their favorite food and fresh water.

Set your cat up for the evening with their favorite food and some fresh water wherever they choose to be. If your cat is hiding in your bedroom, set up their station there. If your cat prefers to be by your side, keep their dishes close so that they don’t have to go off on their own during all of the commotion.

Keep them inside.

Above all else – keep your cats inside during the holiday. Even dogs need to be inside at all times, or else the risk of them fleeing in panic or getting hurt grows exponentially. Always know where they are, and have a plan in case something does go wrong. Keep microchips and collar tags up-to-date, as well.

Please be mindful of the non-human animals around you this holiday. They don’t know what’s going on, and don’t deserve to be so scared. Honestly, just go inside and watch Hamilton or something.

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