Double Trouble! What You Need to Know Before Adopting Two Cats

So you’re thinking about adopting a cat.


I’m sure you’ve done your research, and while doing so there’s a good chance you’ve heard that you should adopt two. Hear meow-t, I fully agree that saving two lives is a great idea, but you do need to be purr-pared and know what you’re getting into. 

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting Two Cats

Two white cats

Two cats require double the food. And litter. And all other essentials. 

While two cats can potentially share toys and beds, there are some non-negotiables that will simply cost more for you as their guardian. This includes food, litter, and vet visits. Make sure you’re aware of these major commitments before heading to the shelter. 

Two cats may become best friends.

If you’re lucky, the two cats you adopt could become best furiends furever! The key is to introduce them slowly, give each a homebase to call their own, and have patience. It’s also important to speak with the shelter staff about which cats are already bonded or get along with others in their care. 

Two cats may not like each other. 

Even if you do everything right, you may end up adopting cats who don’t get along. That’s the reality of sharing our homes with these micro tigers. They each have their own purrsonality, and we have to respect that. Never force cats to be together who don’t get along, and instead, be ready to have separate areas for each of them to hang out alone. 

Two cats have different medical needs. 

Even if you adopt littermates, your two new cats are going to have completely different medical needs. One kitty may be allergic to poultry. One fish. One cat may get frequent ear infections that require trips to the vet. The other may get hairballs every other day. You’ll need to practice incredible patience and dedication to make sure both are happy and healthy.  

Two cats can keep each other occupied. Sometimes. 

The biggest pro most people claim when it comes to adopting two cats is that the cats will keep each other occupied. Which is true, to an extent. Two cats can play together and wear each other out, which is great! But sometimes two cats can get on two completely different energy levels, and it seems like your home never gets a break. In our house, it’s not uncommon for one cat to be sleeping while the other has the zoomies, and then they’ll switch for hours on end!

Two cats really are better than one.

At the end of the day, adopting two cats is the best thing for many families. Having two cats makes your home more fulfilling for you and your furbabies, and most importantly, saves more lives. 

Do you have two cats in your family? Share your story in the comments below!

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