Achoo! Allergy Relief Tips for Cat Guardians

If you’re anything like me, you’re allergic to your cats—but gladly suffer through the itchy eyes and sore throat for time spent with your furbabies!

I didn’t find out I was allergic to cats until well after falling in love with one of our rescues. There was no question in my mind about what to do. We would keep her, and I would figure out a way to deal with the allergies. 

How to Feel Better If You’re Allergic to Your Cat

Cat sitting by plant with list of allergy tips for pet parents

It’s unrealistic to expect a loving cat guardian to stop spending time with their pet. But there are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that have helped reduce my allergy symptoms. Check them out:

Wash Your Hands After Petting

I’ve learned the hard way—it’s not a good idea to pet your cat and then immediately rub your eyes. Ouch. After you pet your cats, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands. This should help limit some exposure to the allergens and give you a somewhat clean slate. 

Shower Every Day

Similar to washing your hands, you need to be showering every day. Cat dander can get trapped in your hair and clothes, making it impossible to get away from the allergens that trigger your symptoms. Showering is the best way to start to feel better and protect yourself. 

Take Your Meds as Prescribed by Your Doctor

If you’re allergic to your cat, you need to be speaking with your doctor about how to treat your symptoms. Even though it isn’t much fun, you do need to follow all of their directions. It’s the only way you’ll feel better and be able to actually enjoy the time you do spend with your kitty!

Wash Bedding Once a Week

Get the trend yet? The best way to prevent allergies is by cleaning your allergens from the things you use. If your cats spend time in your bed (which, of course they do), you need to be washing your sheets at least once a week. You’ll sleep—and breathe—easier this way. 

Brush Your Cat Daily

Your cat’s shedding hair plays a big role in the allergens that are bothering you. One way to limit that exposure is to keep your cat happy with daily brushing. This will help get rid of the excess hair on your cat before it collects on you or your things. 

Do you have any tips for keeping cat allergens to a minimum? Share them in the comments below!

I’m not a doctor. If you think you’re allergic to your cat, please seek expert medical advice from a licensed professional.

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