8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat

If you walk into an animal shelter on any given weekend, you’re likely to see people gathering around the kittens to adopt, while the older senior cats go unnoticed in their kennels.  While there’s nothing wrong with adopting kittens, there are countless older cats being overlooked—who might actually be a better fit for your family!... Continue Reading →

My Adoption Story: Belle & Rainbow

Adding a member to the family is always exciting—and adding two is out of this world amazing! That’s right, today we’re sharing how Belle and Rainbow were adopted! My buddies!  Searching for Adoptable Kittens Back in October of 2019, our family was going through the hardest time of our lives. After a long three month... Continue Reading →

Hear Meow-t! How Cats Communicate

People think I’m crazy when I talk to my cats. What they don’t understand is that my cats are constantly talking to me. It would be rude to not respond! In all seriousness, cats are always communicating with their humans. The humans are just rarely listening.  That’s because our cats don’t use words to speak... Continue Reading →

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