10 Pawsome Cat Birthday Party Ideas

As a cat guardian, there’s a good chance you have two special days marked on your calendar:

Your cat’s gotcha day. 

Your cat’s birthday. 

Even if you’re like me and had to guess which day your rescued cat was born, having a day to celebrate them is important! 

Make your kitty’s next birthday their best ever with these tips for planning a totally pawsome cat birthday party!

Friendly Reminder: No two cats are alike. If your kitty would rather you took a quiet day off to snuggle with them, do that instead! After all, it’s their special day! Like any normal day in your home, let your cat be the one in control!

Cat wearing birthday hat with birthday party ideas

10 Birthday Party Ideas for Your Cat

  • Hang Cat-Friendly Decorations
  • Invite Friends Virtually 
  • Require Cat-Themed Attire
  • Serve a Birthday Cake for the Cats
  • Put Out New Toys
  • Don’t Forget the Catnip
  • Make a Photobooth with Cat Accessories
  • Set Up a Quiet, Sunny Place for Naps
  • Give Out Party Favors
  • Send Purrsonalized Thank You Notes

Hang Cat-Friendly Decorations

Go all-out around your home and decorate it with cat-friendly birthday decor! Make signs by hand or toss some giant Pom Pom balls around the room. Your cats will love the new toys, and the extra pops of color will put your whole home in party mode. 

Invite Friends Virtually 

It’s no secret that most cats don’t like visitors in their home. Most cat guardians don’t, either! Instead of opening up your cat to that added stress on their big day, opt for a virtual party where your friends and their cats can attend! If you’re on Instagram, you could even host a livestream during part of the festivities. 

Require Cat-Themed Attire

Whether for your in-home family or the virtual guests you invite, everyone will love dressing up in their favorite cat-themed clothes. Have a contest for who has the best outfit. The winner can get bragging rights or their choice of treat for their kitty!

Serve a Birthday Cake for the Cats

This party is all about your cat, so be sure to make them something special! Every birthday party has a cake. Create a safe one for your kitty by layering a couple of cans of their favorite food onto a plate and topping it with their favorite flavor of treat!

Put Out New Toys

Don’t pretend like you didn’t already spend hours shopping for new toys for your cat. Make good use of your purchases by putting out the new toys around the room for your cat to discover! Most cats will love this excitement and have a great time playing with their new presents. 

Don’t Forget the Catnip

If your cat loves catnip, sprinkle some throughout the party space for her! Just don’t forget to vacuum once the day is over to help clean up the mess. 

Make a Photobooth with Cat Accessories

If there’s one thing cat people love more than throwing a cat birthday party, it’s taking pictures with their cat. Transform a corner of your room into a photobooth, complete with a sparkly background and cat-themed props like cat ear headbands, giant balls of yarn, and conversation bubbles with the word “meow”. Pose for pictures with the birthday kitty, and don’t forget to share them!

Set Up a Quiet, Sunny Place for Naps

Sometimes even the best parties need a quiet space for humans and cats to recharge. Set up your cat’s favorite bed in a sunny spot in the room so that they can go take a quick snooze before diving back into all of the fun with you!

Give Out Party Favors

Even if your guests are all virtual, give out some small party favors as a thank you for celebrating with you and your cat! Treats are always a hit. Or you could make a small donation in everyone’s name to a local animal shelter

Send Purrsonalized Thank You Notes

The kindest party hosts always send a thank you note! Write short thank you notes from the perspective of your cat and send them to the cats (and humans!) who helped make the party so special. 

When all is said and done, give your kitty a big hug and tell them just how thankful you are for another year of having them as a best friend. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

How do you and your kitties like to celebrate their birthdays? Share your stories in the comments below!

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