How to Celebrate Your Cat’s Gotcha Day

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating a pet’s milestones. From your kitten’s baby teeth falling out to the first month they go without a litter box accident, every moment should be recognized. 

As a cat guardian, one of the ultimate celebrations to look forward to each year is your cat’s gotcha day. 

What is a Gotcha Day?

A gotcha day is the anniversary of a pet’s adoption. This adoptiversary is special to many animal guardians, not only because it celebrates a fun day, but because it can substitute for a pet’s birthday. Many people who adopt don’t know the exact birthdate of their new pet. Instead of guessing, they will choose to celebrate the day the pet was adopted!

Of course, some people (myself included!), will guess which day their pet was born and celebrate both the believed birthday and the real gotcha day. 

3 Gotcha Day Celebration Ideas

So how do you celebrate a gotcha day, anyway?

I’m so glad you asked. Here are three of my favorite adoptiversary activities. 

Get a New Toy or Treats

As a cat guardian, you know you never need an excuse to buy new toys or treats for your cat—but a gotcha day is the perfect occasion to do even more! Make the day one to remember for your cat by going all out and giving them that kitty broth packet they go crazy for or a new wand toy filled with catnip. Your cat deserves to be treated on their special day!

Have a Mewvie Day

My cats and I love to spend a day snuggling together watching movies. Gotcha days are the perfect time to do this! On their adoptiversary, grab a fluffy blanket and spend the day cuddling and appreciating your kitty. They will enjoy the extra time with you—and you’ll get a nice break, too!

Volunteer at a Shelter

Helping shelter cats is a purrfect way to celebrate the day you adopted your own best buddy. Take a few hours to visit the rescue where they were adopted from and give a little love to the kitties waiting for their own furever family. Spreading this pawsitivity will help more than just your cat have a great day!

Do you celebrate your cat’s gotcha day each year? Share your favorite ways to make the day special in the comments below!

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