Play with Me! The Three Best Types of Cat Toys

We all know how important it is to play with our cats. It’s not only fun, but it helps them to exercise, use up excess energy, and experience mental stimulation. 

But even though the importance of play is evident, what isn’t always known is what types of toys to use. Some people will give their kitty a single ball to bat around, while other cat guardians have boxes upon boxes of toys throughout their whole home. 

You can guess which kind of person I am. 

*hint* The cats own more toys than I do personal belongings. *hint*

But in my vast experience of playing with cats, I have found that there are just three toys that work the best:

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are an absolute favorite toy for our cats! While not a traditional choice, pipe cleaners are a great option for playing with cats. They come in bright, fun colors and can be easily twisted into different shapes to keep your kitty interested. Just be careful of any sharp edges, and always make sure your cat is supervised when playing. 

Laser Pointers

I know, I know. Laser pointers have a bad reputation in the cat world. I get it. But then I got a laser pointer and changed my mind. The girls go nuts for their laser, and will chase it all over the house! It’s especially great for distracting them when they start to make bad choices. But when all is said and done, I always make sure to point them in the direction of another tangible toy—like a pipe cleaner!—that they can physically grab and attack. 


The best cat toy of all time is a wand! These interactive toys allow you to really engage with your kitty and get them excited. Whether the wand has an end with a feather, a ribbon, or a small plush toy filled with catnip, you can move it around to keep your kitty interested and playing. Wand toys are even purrfect for helping you bond with your cat

What types of toys do your cats like to play with? Let us know in the comments below!

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