Tips and Tricks for Working from Home with a Cat

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of talk about the transition many people have made out of the office and into a remote work environment. As this change became the new normal, there was a lot that people had to get used to. 

Managing urgent email threads. Figuring out if their pj shirt was professional enough for a Zoom with the boss. And most importantly—how to work from home with a pet. 

Even if you consider yourself a pro at being a remote employee, I’m willing to bet there are still days when your cat distracts you from an important item on that to-do list, or shows her butt to everyone on your team. 

Been there, seen that. 

As we embrace this new way of business, let’s dive into some ways to make it work better for you—and your cat. 

List of advice for working from home with a cat or pet as a remote employee

Advice for Working from Home with a Cat

  • Schedule Breaks for Play
  • Keep a Cat Bed Near Your Desk
  • Feed Meals or Treats Before Important Meetings
  • Use Automated Cat Toys
  • Turn Off Your Camera or Microphone, As Needed
  • Embrace Their Cute Interruptions

Schedule Breaks for Play

Your cat needs breaks throughout their day just like you. The next time you stop to grab a snack and scroll through your phone, take a couple of minutes to play with your cat using an interactive wand toy. This will help your cat to get the exercise and mental stimulation she needs so that she doesn’t interrupt any sessions of important work you have planned for the rest of the day. 

Keep a Cat Bed Near Your Desk

I don’t know about you, but my cats love to be with me. Like right next to me. I’m talking sitting on my laptop while I’m trying to type. That’s why I keep a bed for them close to my desk. The cat bed gives them a space to claim as their own that is close to me, while being just far enough away that I don’t have to constantly be blowing hair off of my keyboard. It’s a win-win. 

Feed Meals or Treats Before Important Meetings

If there’s one thing that makes most cats happy, it’s treats. (Careful. Saying the word “treat” too loudly in my house cues a stampede of two eager cats begging for a snack!) If you have an important phone call or video meeting that you need to attend, plan ahead and give your cat a treat—or even a full meal—about fifteen minutes prior to it starting. This way, their bellies will be full and you’ll be able to do your work without distractions. 

Use Automated Cat Toys

I get it—some days it is next to impawsible to peel yourself away from the computer to play with your cat. That’s what makes automated cat toys so great. With a press of a button, you can set your cat up with something engaging to play with while you’re busy. 

Turn Off Your Camera or Microphone, As Needed

*scratch, scratch* That’s right. That’s the sound all of my co-workers hear when we’re in a meeting and my cat is digging around in the litter box behind me. Thank goodness for mute features. If your cat is making noise in the background, mute yourself to keep from distracting anyone else on the call. If you need to turn your camera off so you can run across the room to keep your cat from jumping on top of a shelf—do that, too. Goodness knows I have. 

Embrace Their Cute Interruptions

I have yet to meet anyone who gets upset by the occasional cat walking across my camera during a meeting. You can’t always control these interruptions, and a lot of the time, the people you work with will jump at the chance to meet your pet. Don’t worry about the interruption, and instead, introduce your cat, give her a quick pet, then toss her a toy. She can go on her merry way with a new toy, and you can move on with your meeting—which has just gotten a whole lot better because of the feline visitor. 

The Best Part About Working from Home with Pets

The best part about working from home with a cat is that you always have a friend by your side. The best co-worker pawsible. 

With their sweet purrs, warm snuggles, and cute meows, cats can provide instant stress relief when work starts to feel overwhelming or you’re getting weighed down by a million projects. Your cat will help remind you to live in the meow-ment, making you happier while boosting your productivity and creativity. Cats are a great way to improve your mental health—in and out of the home office. 

Do you work from home with any cats? Share your experiences—from the cuddle breaks you take to the poorly timed Zoom interruptions—in the comments below!

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  1. Yep, cats are great at making sure everyone knows they are there or are being ignored and neglected. I would suggest locking them out of the room during important calls etc but if they are like mine they sit outside an screech and carry on like their dying. Gotta love em..


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