Spring Cleaning for Cat People

It’s no secret that houses with cats need a little extra TLC to stay clean. Cats shed, track litter everywhere, and spill their food. While it may take a little more time and effort to maintain a house that is home to cats, a regular deep scrub can help your home to look great and... Continue Reading →

Chill Out! How to Calm Down a Cat

If your cat is acting stranger than usual and just can’t seem to calm down, it could be because they are experiencing stress. Just like in humans, cats can have stress that manifests itself in different behaviors and can result in the long-term loss of health and confidence. But how do you know if your... Continue Reading →

Creative Ways to Help Shelter Cats

We’ve all cried during the ASPCA “in the arms of an angel” commercial.  But after the song has stopped, how many of us have actually taken steps to help shelter pets?  Let’s make it more of us, with these creative ways to help the cats in your local shelter.  How to Help Shelter Cats Make... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat

If you walk into an animal shelter on any given weekend, you’re likely to see people gathering around the kittens to adopt, while the older senior cats go unnoticed in their kennels.  While there’s nothing wrong with adopting kittens, there are countless older cats being overlooked—who might actually be a better fit for your family!... Continue Reading →

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