Evidence that Dexter Morgan is a Cat Person

Of any show on tv, it’s no secret that Dexter has caused a slew of controversial opinions over the years. 

Maybe you still can’t get over what happened to Rita. 

Maybe you thought the finale of Dexter New Blood redeemed the confusion of season eight. 

Maybe you’re frustrated with how our favorite anti-hero’s story ended up after a ten year break. (No spoilers, obviously.)

But one thing we can all agree on is that Dexter Morgan is a cat person. And that’s no…

Dexter surprise mother doax

Here are four pieces of evidence that prove it:

Dexter’s strong instincts about people. 

One of Dexter’s strongest qualities is his ability to see the truth about people. He knows when someone is bad, and when someone is good. Cats are also notorious for this skill, often gravitating toward kind, gentle people. This similarity with cats makes it pretty clear that Dexter Morgan is a cat person.

Dexter’s cat sweater. 

Dexter Morgan Cat Sweater Christmas New Blood

Dexter received a cat Christmas sweater in episode nine of the Showtime reboot. Even without any other proof, this fact builds a pretty strong case on its own. Plus, it was far and away my favorite part of the last two episodes of New Blood. 

Dexter’s ability to be stealthy. 

They’re called ninja cats for a reason. Cats have an epic quality of sneaking in and out of situations without getting caught. Dexter is the same way. He has escaped (quite literally in his Ford Escape on multiple occasions) the trickiest of situations without so much as a sound or trace. 

Dexter’s intense desire to be alone—most of the time. 

Cat people—as well as their cats—are known for being introverts who thrive when they are alone. So does Dexter. In the original series, we hear on several occasions how Dexter must blend in by pretending to like the company of other people. That is, until he meets just the right person (like I said, no spoilers). Cats and cat guardians can relate, as they crave their independence, but also don’t mind spending a small amount of time with the people who meet their strict requirements. 

Besides the obvious conclusion that Dexter is a cat person, one more thing is also for certain—Harrison is clearly a dog person. 

(If you know, you know…)

All images belong to Showtime and the Dexter franchise.

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