Spring Cleaning for Cat People

It’s no secret that houses with cats need a little extra TLC to stay clean. Cats shed, track litter everywhere, and spill their food. While it may take a little more time and effort to maintain a house that is home to cats, a regular deep scrub can help your home to look great and stay healthy. 

Spring cleaning is the purrfect excuse to get your home sparkling again!

Why should cat people spring clean their house?

Cat people should spring clean their house to remove any lingering hair, reduce odors, and create a healthy environment for both them and their feline friends. 

Spring cleaning is the act of deep cleaning areas of your home that otherwise may get ignored, giving you a fresh start for the fresh season. Even though you should be cleaning your house more often than once a year (with or without cats), this is a great reminder to get your space back into shape.

Ready to get started?

How to Spring Clean a House with Cats

It can feel overwhelming when balls of hair start to roll around your floor like tumbleweeds, but spring cleaning a home that cats live in can be easy when you follow these steps:

Checklist for spring cleaning for cat people

Deep Clean Litter Boxes

You don’t need me to tell you that your cat’s litter boxes are one of the grossest things in your house. It’s a simple fact. But so is the fact that those litter boxes need to be deep cleaned regularly. 

I’m not just talking about scooping. Those boxes need to be completely dumped, washed, and refilled with fresh litter. This will help cut down on any bad smells in your home, keep your cat healthy, and encourage your kitty to keep using her litter boxes appropriately

Soak and Wash Food Bowls

Did you know that bacteria can start to grow in your cat’s food dish? It’s true. Even bowls of dry kibble can start to become dangerous if left unwashed. 

Empty out your cat’s food bowls and give them a good soaking in water and a mild, safe dishwashing soap. Rinse them thoroughly, then make sure they are completely dry before refilling them with new food. 

Replace Water Fountain Filters

Your cat’s water fountain needs to be replaced as directed, but don’t forget to clean the entire system while you’re at it! Just like with a food bowl, water fountains can start to get pretty nasty if not washed correctly on a regular basis. 

Most water fountains come with instructions for how to clean it. Be sure to follow those, or reach out to the manufacturer for best practices. Personally, I like to clean my cats’ water fountain more often than suggested. If I don’t, my cats will stop drinking from it!

Wash All Bedding

If your cats are anything like mine, they probably spend a lot of time laying in bed—whether your bed or one of their own! 

Take the time to give your bedsheets a fresh wash to get rid of any cat hair that a lint roller just can’t handle. Spot clean any of their cat beds, as well, and try to freshen them up by removing as much hair as you can from them. 

Wipe Down the Walls

We’re all cat people here, so we all understand the feeling of looking at a smudge on the wall and not quite being sure if it’s food or poop. 

Either way, it’s best to go ahead and wipe down your walls. Pay special attention to areas like those by food mats and litter boxes. And make sure you get high enough up the wall—you’d be surprised how far kitties can fling their messes. 

Shine the Windows

Cats love to look out of windows, watching birds and other stars of their favorite cat tv shows. But while they’re watching, they’re probably adding nose and paw prints to the glass. 

Those prints can easily be cleaned off of your window with a simple shine. Your windows will be clear again, and your cats will have an even better view of the action outside. 

Vacuum Everywhere

Sometimes I wonder how in the world my cats have any hair left on them. There are piles of hair EVERYWHERE. And every time I turn around, they’ve multiplied. 

Vacuuming is something you’re going to want to get used to as a cat guardian (we vacuum so much that the cats aren’t even afraid of it anymore!). While you should probably vacuum most days, go all out during this deep clean session by vacuuming along baseboards and even vacuuming the cat tree!

Install Fresh Air Filters

It’s funny, but a lot of cat people are actually allergic to their cats. I am. 

To help eliminate some of those allergens floating in your home’s air, remember to change your air filters regularly. Not only should this help keep you healthier, but it should also help your home. 

Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Clean Year-Round

You don’t need a change of seasons as an excuse to clean your home. Set a schedule for yourself, and make sure your space is maintained year-round for both you and your cats.

Every week, deep clean the food bowls with soap and water. Every month, wipe the nose prints off of your windows. Every day, vacuum up any hair on the floor. 

Once you get into a routine, keeping your house clean will feel easy! Plus, it will provide you and your cats with a healthy home to share. Now that’s priceless. 

What are your best tips for cleaning up after your cats? Drop them in the comment thread below!

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